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IHRD Regional Centre is a Government Institute under higher education department established at Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram in the year 1995.Regional Centre of IHRD has been offering professional training to students. It specializes and is well-known for training students as well as working professionals in embedded systems, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Production and Maintenance Division in the Regional Center is functioning for manufacturing and servicing electronic products. PMD is providing the service of Comprehensive Annual Maintenance for Computers and peripherals in reputed Government Departments and organizations at the lowest rate approved by the State Government. R&D wing also develop and supply Laboratory Equipment for Engineering Institutions in Kerala.

The centre has its own centre of excellence in the design of proof of concepts and published more than 100 papers including IEEE. As part of the research activities, we undertake engineering projects in a focus that it would be beneficial for society and technology. We develop and implement embedded electronics products for Private firms and service sectors.   We give opportunity to freshers and beginners to accompany in our team to take part in the development and implementation process as a trainee. The size of the team will be maximum 10.

The training program has two sections. First section contains hands on training in embedded systems and image processing based on a short term course (Content as follows) .

         Design of embedded system

         Design of hardware system including PCB layout




         Programming basics

         Shell Programming



         Embedded C Firmware



         Development / Testing

         Raspberry Pi


In the second section, each candidate should join in one of our ongoing project. The selection of the project and platform is based on their interest and performance. Duration of the entire training program (Regular/Part-time) is 16 days. Period of the training program will be extended only for completion of the project. The candidate will have to visit other firms during the implementation of project, if required. The candidate can also propose new projects idea to implement. Our team will support them to develop and implement these works in a short duration.

The certification is based on first section of the program. Those who complete the first section will get a certificate in embedded systems and Image Processing. Evaluation of second section will be conducted for empanelling the candidates to our support team.

The details of our ongoing projects as follows

1. Embedded System Design

o   Access control System for startup IT Companies

o   GPS tracking system for School Buses

o   Smart Bin for Waste Management

o   Portable Health Monitoring System

o   Energy Management System for Building automation

o   Camera Surveillance system

o   Emergency Cardiac Care

o   Blind navigation system

2. Computer Vision

  • Camera Surveillance system

  • Traffic Sign Board Detection

  • Fire Detection

  • Object Detection

  • Felfie Detection

  • Tracking systems

3. Machine Learning and Deep Learning

  • Data acquisition devices

  • Dataset Creation

  • Biomedical image Processing

  • Biometric pattern Recognition

  • Medicinal Plants classification

  • Bio-medical Signal Processing

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